The three-phase inverter of TRIO- series 5.8 / 7.5 / 8.5-TL-OUTD are ideal for residential applications as they offer high performance and ease of installation.

Thanks to a 98% conversion efficiency and a wide input voltage range, residential TRIO inverters offer maximum flexibility for optimal energy production.

  • Natural cooling mechanical structure with IP65 protection for outdoor applications which guarantees maximum reliability in all installations. Practical and intelligent access to connections with sliding front panel, without complete removal.
  • Transformerless topology, wide input voltage range with double MPPT (TRIO-7.5 / 8.5) allows optimal energy harvesting even in the case of strings oriented in different directions. Flat curves of efficiency or high yields at all in the entire input voltage range and output power.
    expansion cards plug and play Power
  • Management Unit (PMU), for the connection of external environmental sensors and second RS485 with Modbus protocol.
  • Ethernet adapter for monitoring either locally via integrated web server on which Web portal (with Modbus / TCP protocol compatibility)
  • Inverter remote update and control of reactive power
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Dati tecnici

Potenza nominale DC di ingresso 5950 W 7650 W 8700 W
Massima tensione assoluta DC in ingresso 1000 V
Numero di MPPT indipendenti 1 2
Intervallo MPPT di tensione DC 320…800 V
Massima corrente DC in ingresso per ogni MPPT 18.9 A 30.0 A / 15.0 A
Tipo di connessione AC alla rete Trifase 3 fili + PE o 4 fili + PE
Potenza nominale AC di uscita 5800 W 7500 W 8500 W
Grado di protezione ambientale IP 65
Tipo di connessione DC Connettore PV ad innesto rapido 3) / Morsettiera a vite in versioni standard
Tipo di connessioni AC Morsettiera a vite, pressa cavo M32