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Solis S5-GC 50/60 K

Solis three-phase string inverters ideal for residential and small to medium-sized commercial installations.

  • 5/6 MPPT design
  • IP66
  • Supports GPRS/WiFi communication
  • MC4 connector
  • LCD display
  • Sizes available: S5-GC50K / SG-GC60K

The Solis S5-GC 50/60 K is a highly efficient and reliable three-phase inverter designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Due to its compatibility with large and powerful PV panels, this inverter can handle a wide range of installations.

With a maximum efficiency of 98.7%, with string current up to 16A, available from 5/6 MPPTs allowing projects with different orientations to be supported.

Intelligent inverter

The inverter integrates night SVG function and export power control. Enables intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan.
By accessing the SolisCloud platform, various remote controls and upgrades can be managed.

It supports GPRS/WiFi communication and DC side support “Y” connector.

Possible 150% + DC oversize due in part to the 10/12 string inputs available.

High safety standards

The outdoor-installable inverter with IP66 and Anti-Corrosion level C5, AFCI protection reduces the risk of fire, and the quality of components ensure a longer service life.