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SolarEdge: SE1000M single phase inverter – SE1500M – SE2000M with M2640 power optimizer


Single Phase Inverter, Power Optimizer with compact technology. Economical solution for residential systems with 4-8 modules

  • Optimizer and inverters designed to work exclusively together
  • Maximum compactness, lightness and ease of installation
  • Integrable communication options
  • Inverters: SE1000M, SE1500M, SE2000M
  • Power Optimizer: M2640

Single phase inverter with compact technology

Optimized DC-side solution designed specifically for rooftop installations of 4 to 8 panels

The solution consists of an inverter and an optimizer that work exclusively together: a compact and lightweight single phase inverter and a single M2640 power optimizer.

  • Ideal for limited roof space, social housing projects or to meet minimum sustainability requirements
  • Optimizer and inverter designed to work exclusively together and ordered with a single code and contained in a single package
  • Maximum compactness, lightness and ease of installation
  • Each of the four power optimizer inputs supports one or two 60-cell modules
  • Inverter with IP65 protection rating suitable for outdoor or indoor installations
  • Integrable communication options for maximum convenience

M2640 power optimizer

The M2640 is equipped with four maximum power point trackers (MPPT) to produce more energy from each module. Each MPPT connects to one or two 60-cell photovoltaic modules and works exclusively with the new single-phase inverters.

Extended communication option

This solution has extensive communication options that allow you to provide module performance data, localized alerts on possible plant problems and possible integrated management of the entire plant. It also uses a SolaEdge SetApp application for quick and easy commissioning of the inverters via a smartphone.

Communication options include the integrated Ethernet module, and the Wi-Fi, ZigBee® and GSM kits that can be purchased separately.

The inverter is available in the following sizes: 1 kW, 1.5 kW and 2 kW