Silla industries: Wallbox Prism Solar

The Prism Solar Wallboxes allow smart management of electric vehicle charging. Compact and intuitive product, which allows fast charging and is suitable for both private and semi-public environments. Available in single-phase, three-phase and DUO version.

  • Solar charging
  • Type 2 connector
  • Automatic regulation of consumption to avoid disconnection from the grid
  • Available color: black
  • Available: Single-phase (7.4kW), Three-phase (22kW), DUO (2 x 7.4kW)




Features of the Prism Solar Wallboxes:

  • Degree of protection IP65
  • RFID reader and supplied with two RFID keys
  • Integrated 5 meter cable
  • Integrated Type 2 socket
  • Current sensor for load management included
  • Management via smartphone, desktop and cloud
  • WiFi and ethernet connection
  • Up to 10 pieces that can be used in the same system without using the Gatawey Prism Smart Hub
  • Up to 50 pieces that can be used in the same system with the use of the Gatawey Prism Smart Hub
  • Made in Italy

Solar charging

Prism Solar is able to limit the energy taken from the grid to a value defined by the installer, in order to maximize self-consumption.

Prism Solar RFID single phase

230V single-phase version, for charging powers up to 7.4kW

Prism Solar RFID three-phase

Three-phase version 230 / 400V, for charging powers up to 22kW

Prism Solar RFID Duo

Duo version, with two single-phase outputs up to 7.4kW each, to be installed in the presence of a single-phase or three-phase meter. In the case of a single-phase meter, the available power is divided between the two outputs, up to a maximum of 7.4kW as the sum of the two outputs. Connected to a three-phase meter, on the other hand, it allows to have up to 7.4kW for each of the two single-phase outputs