Plan for green energy in Bulgaria

One of the member countries that has introduced a plan for green energy in Europe, is Bulgaria. This contains a lot of objectives and some measures to reach the target established by the European Commission.

A 33 million plan for the RES sector

This country was designed to allocate 33 million of euros for the development of renewable energy sources and to improve energy efficiency. These investments will allow sectors like solar energy, wind energy etc. , to grow further in the coming years.

The data shown below indicate the growth trends for the solar energy sector, in particular, linked to solar panels, which constitute a fundamental part of the electricity market. Shortly, the installed capacity in the coming years will range from 1286 to 1415 GWh per year. These will allow reaching a quantity of installed power by power plants of 1320 MW by 2030.

Solar PV, a sector that needs investments

Bulgaria has set some measures to reach the targets established for 2030. Some of them are listed below, and describe some possible ways in which Bulgaria could focus its investments for the solar panels sector:

  • One of the new directives regulates the introduction of economic support for all those users who have a plant in renewable energy production or a demonstration project of a plant with the same sources, with a power less than or equal to 10.8 kW
  • introduction of systems with a total installed capacity of 30 kW and which are planned to be built on structures such as roofs and building walls
  • In the period 2021-2030, opportunities will be sought for the financing of renewable resources plant projects and measures will be considered to guarantee access to consumption of electricity from renewable sources for low-income consumers

A milestone of 25% of RES for a green energy future

Bulgaria, with his plan for green energy, wants to get as close as possible to the targets set by the European Commission for 2030.

All the measures that Bulgaria aims to introduce will guarantee some results about the satisfaction of the energy needs of this country. One of them regards the quote of renewable energy sources in the final gross consumption. This value will reach 25% of the total quote.

On the other hand, as regards the electricity sector, the amount of RES will be 17% of the total by 2021, about 18% in the following years up to 2026, 19% in 2027, until the 17% which will be reached in 2030.