Plan for a green energy in France

The plan for green energy in France could be improved a lot the actual situation for this country in the energy sector. In fact, France, despite a big potential, during 2018 the coverage of solar PV in electricity consumption was only about 2,3%.

Solar energy, more than 1000GW of potential

About that the potential for solar PV in France is attested to 350 GW installable on the roofs and 776 GW on the ground.
For this reason, this sector could still grow a lot, by increasing the solar panels capacity by bigger quantity respect of the one that was installed in 2017, that amount to 875 MW.

Renewable energy, how does France want to improve?

The plan to increase the renewable energy sector include a series of measures and investments aimed to exploit the potential of the territory as much as possible.

The project consists to extend the self-consumption network to allow collective self-consumption projects to build a wider network (eco-neighbourhoods). In addition, with this plan, France wants to increase the development of PV for Ministries, public institutions (SNCF, harbours  …) etc.

Some of the measures that are included in this plan are:

  • Promote ground-based installations on urbanized or degraded land and parking areas to allow the emergence of cheaper projects
  • Maintain a target of 3050 MW installed per year for installations on small and medium-sized roofs (less than 100 Kwp)
  • Increase the maximum size of the plants eligible for the call for tenders for self-consumption at 1 MW
  • Adopt the following tender schedule corresponding to 2 GW per year for ground-based power plants and 0.9 GW per year for large roof installations

An electric future for France

The following calendar indicates the quarters in which a call for tenders will be published for ground power plants up to 1000 MW per period.

In addition the calendar below marks the quarters when a call for tenders will be issued for installations on large roofs up to 300MW per period.

An electric future for France

This plan for green energy in France could be the project that guides this state to a coverage of 40% of RES in the electricity sector per 2030.

For this reason, the forecasts for solar energy are that the installation of PV will come to a value that can vary between 36 GW and 48GW, in 2035.

This will result in the decrease of the price of this technology that, by 2030, will probably arrive at 60€/MWh for installations on roofs, and 40€/MWh for ground-based ones.