Panasonic, the growth of a reliable company

The reliability of a company is important, in photovoltaic sector in particular because for the modules long warranties are offered.
Panasonic is very reliable, and the warranties of HIT Panasonic PV modules are very well based.

Panasonic as published the result of the fiscal year

Recently Panasonic published the result of the fiscal year closed at the end of March.

The most important results of Panasonic Group are:

– Net sales: 7.982,2 billion yen (+9%)
– Operating Profit: 380,5 billion yen (+37%)
– Sales: 47% Japan, 17% Americas, 14% Asia, 12% China, 10% Europe

The forecasts for 2019 are:

– Net sales: 8.300 billion yen (+4%)
– Operating Profit: 425 billion yen (+12%)

About Panasonic Solar, the range of products and the features has been improved.

Distributor of HIT Panasonic

VP Solar is distributor of HIT Panasonic (and Sanyo) modules from 1999, serving resellers in International and Italian markets.