MENNEKES Professional Line grows with AMTRON® Professional Twincharge and the new Charge Point Manager

The MENNEKES Professional Product Line offers a comprehensive and flexibly combinable solution to meet every need and requirement for professional charging, which is now enhanced by two new additions: the introduction of the AMTRON® Professional Twincharge wallbox and the update of the Charge Point Manager software for commissioning charging stations.

AMTRON® Professional Twincharge

From the first quarter of 2024, the new AMTRON® Professional Twincharge, the double wallbox from MENNEKES, will be available alongside the single AMTRON® wallbox and the AMEDIO® charging station. With an output of up to 22 kW per charging point, the AMTRON® Professional Twincharge offers numerous advantages: networking, dynamic load management and metering of the charged energy.

Among the new features of the double wallbox is the introduction of the connection box, which simplifies installation in just a few steps: simply mount the box, fix the wallbox and make the electrical connections. Furthermore, it is possible to connect two double wallboxes on the same stand to reduce installation costs and save space.

Those who do not wish to or cannot mount their double wallbox directly on the wall have the option of installing it on a stand.

Charge Point Manager

An update of the Charge Point Manager (CPM), a free software with which all Professional Series charging stations can be easily monitored and configured in a local network thanks to simultaneous access to all devices on site, is expected in December 2023.

With the new version of the CPM, the installation and management of charging points is simplified by making it easy to switch from one installation to another or from one project to another.

In addition, the CPM enables the search for charging points in the network with quick access to the web interface for configuration and allows the massive export of charging statistics of all points.

Integration with MENNEKES Pay & MENNEKES Cloud

In addition to the Charge Point Manager, Professional Charging Stations can be easily integrated with MENNEKES Pay to offer charging at the desired rate and with the MENNEKES Cloud for remote monitoring and management.

The MENNEKES Professional Line

The Professional product range, consisting of the AMEDIO® charging station, the AMTRON® Professional single wallbox and the new AMTRON® Professional Twincharge double wallbox, has been specially developed for professional charging in semi-public and public areas. All products are compatible with each other and equipped with integrable accessories, which can be combined or expanded according to one’s needs.