Charging systems for range electric vehicle: Mennekes Professional+

An increasing amount of companies in Italy have been equipping with professional charging systems for their electric vehicles.
One or more stations in series with wallboxes or charging columns. They can manage each station recording charging costs.

Mennekes is an historical manufacturer of standard “type 2” charging plugs for electric vehicles. It provides a wide range of solutions for eMobility such as the Professional line dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, commercial and hospitality businesses. That is the Mennekes Pay APP, a top-up service enabled to receive payments.

Charging advantages in semi-public sector as: hotels, restaurants, companies

The present recharging management in semi-public places is mostly provided free of charge as an additional service made available to customers.

Due to the increase in electric cars on the Italian market, providing charging services free of charge will not be sustainable for long.

For this reason, recharging systems are already active. They record the consumed energy and they can be set up to recharge for free or for a fee.

Mennekes Pay: electric recharge from free or for a fee

MENNEKES Pay is the charging management and payment system for electric vehicles. It can manage multiple charging stations connected to each other. You can easily customize the power and the best time rate for the infrastructure as well as geolocate the charging point and much more.

Advantages of managing charging points

The high availability of recharging points bring advantages to commercial activities.

Are you wondering how?
Restaurant’s guests, for example, after having parked and authorized the station with the card, they recharge the car while they enjoy their food. This means more guests at the restaurant due to the availability of recharging points.

The same can happen to cinemas, supermarkets, bars, hotels, farmhouses, campsites, companies, etc.

How payments are managed:

Payments of the private top-up service open to the public can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • cards enabling recharging and payment;
  • supervisor software managing the charging system usually connected to the App;
  • if the EMSP has eRoaming agreements, it will be possible for the user to log in without any registration

Roaming is basically an agreement between two or more charging service management companies and users of a company can use the network of other operators.

Professional range by Mennekes

Due to constant research and development activities, Mennekes provides solutions to the market by meeting the needs of electric mobility.

AMEDIO Professional+

Specific charging station for corporation, commercial and hotel car parks, featured by an intelligent and sustainable charging infrastructure.

  • Single-phase / three-phase connection
  • Maximum charging power per point: 22 kW
  • Authorizations: Backend, RFID, Autostart

AMTRON Professional + E

Wallboxes specifically designed for semi-public areas such as company parking lot, restaurants and hotels.

  • Single-phase / three-phase connection
  • Maximum charging power per point: 22 kW
  • Authorizations: Backend, RFID, Autostart