LG RESU, lithium-ion batteries for storage

The lithium-ion batteries produced by LG have proprietary technology in the construction of the cells called Lamination & Stacking or lamination and stacking that allows you to minimize the “dead” spaces inside the cells by increasing the density of energy and long-time performance of the battery as this method increases both thermal and mechanical stability.

LG Chem RESU: a solution for every need

The resulting product is a compact and lightweight battery that can be installed both on the floor and on the wall. Furthermore, thanks to the high IP protection degree and the wide operating temperature range, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

All LG Chem products are certified and comply with the highest international standards and all relevant standards.

LG Chem has developed two product lines with these cells for the residential market, the 48 V RESUs in sizes 6.5 – 9.8 kWh whit accessory can be paralleled with another battery of the same series, thus making available 5 capacities between 3.3 and 19.6 kWh.

Low voltage batteries are compatible with:

The second product line is the high voltage RESU available in 2 sizes 7.0 – 9.8 kWh, inside these batteries have a DC / DC converter compared to the 48 V line that raises the voltage to 400 V nominal. In this way, normal 6 mm solar cables can be used for the power connection.

High voltage batteries are compatible with:

The great quality of LG Chem RESU batteries is guaranteed by a respectable guarantee: 10 years on manufacturing defects and 60% of residual capacity.