JinkoSolar, high efficiency, reliability and safety

JinkoSolar photovoltaic panels guarantee a high standard of quality thanks to the reliability of the materials used and to the severe tests they are subjected to.

Quality control and testing in extreme conditions

Quality control of panels is already in production stages, which are constantly monitored in detail.

After production, all cells and modules are subjected to more than 36 stages of quality inspections and in-house testing. The tests are performed in the most advanced testing laboratories with UL certification.

All products are tested in extreme conditions such as: tropical humidity, desert heat, coastal salt mist and air characterized by a high concentration of ammonia.

Length of JinkoSolar panels of at least 25 years

The photovoltaic plant and the electrical components that make it have a life expectancy of at least 25 years, in any weather condition, even the most adverse.

All of these features, production and product testing phase make JinkoSolar have one of the highest standards for design, performance and manpower worldwide.

Guaranteed performance under real conditions of use

According to the 2012 Photon Lab Field Module test, JinkoSolar photovoltaic panels have achieved the best performance under real conditions. In particular, it has been shown that:

  • Provide performance in high temperature and humidity environments due to the absence of PID
  • Provide superior performance and stress resistance to standard photovoltaic modules in adverse weather conditions (eg typhoons, earthquakes, snow, wind, ammonia, salt)
  • The new cell technology guarantees a greater yield than standard modules in the morning, daylight and cloudy days
  • The deterioration factor due to exposure to sunlight in very low times ensures a longer life of the module.

VP Solar is the distributor of JinkoSolar photovoltaic panels and combines the experience in providing quality services to its customers with the best products in the market, selected and tested by its engineering team.

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