Glass-glass DUOMAX series by Trina Solar

Among the products with innovative technology and design are the DUOMAX photovoltaic panels, modules with double tempered glass and without frame.

Available with standard or half-cut polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells.

These glass-glass photovoltaic modules guarantee greater efficiency and high performance even in harsh environments, with a 20% more energy production than standard laminated panels.

Exclusive structure without a very resistant frame

The unique module structure allows for greater PID protection and superior fire resistance. In addition, the structure is designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions and is less prone to micro-cracking, panel deformation, UV aging and corrosion from sand, acids, salt spray and alkalis.

1500V IEC certified solar panels

These solar panels are certified to IEC 1500V and allow strings longer than 50% reducing the number of strings, field frames and cable cross-sections by up to 33%.

30 year linear warranty

The guaranteed decay in 30 years is 0.5% per year and 10-year product warranty.

Certification “Class 1” fire reaction test

The DUOMAX series has passed the reaction to fire tests, obtaining the “Class 1” certification.

DUOMAX series – Glass-glass, standard and half-cut cells (30-year production guarantee)

PEG5: 60 poly cells: 275-280 Wp
DEG5: 60 mono cells PERC: 300-305 Wp
PEG5H: 120 half-cut poly cells: 280-285 Wp
DEG5H: 120 half-cut mono cells PERC:  315-320 Wp
PEG14: 72 poly cells: 330-335 Wp
DEG14: 72 mono cells PERC: 370-375 Wp
PEG14H: 144 half-cut poly cells: 335-340  Wp
DEG14H: 144 mono-cut half-cells PERC:  315-320 Wp