Huawei winner of the Intersolar Award 2019 with SUN2000 15-20 KTL-MO

Among the winners of the Intersolar Award 2019 we find Huawei Technologies with the Smart PV String Inverter SUN2000 15-20 KTL-MO which wins the award thanks to innovation and ease of installation.

With this new update of this series of products, Huawei has succeeded in further improving the safety, reliability and performance of this inverter, demonstrating the attention to the customer and the innovation that this company guarantees with its products.

What innovations have actually been entered?

  • Through the commissioning App, in less than 5 seconds it will be possible to create the physical layout of the modules, which greatly simplifies the monitoring of the system.
  • The inverter now communicates much faster with the optimizers, ensuring a more reliable and efficient operation.
  • Maximum safety: to minimize the risk of fire, the AFCI system (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) is able to accurately detect the DC arc and control the inverter shutdown in less than 2 seconds.

Main features SUN2000 15-20 KTL-MO

In addition to these new advantages, this product has many other features. First of all, this type of inverter has 4 sizes: 12, 15, 17 and 20 kW, with a maximum power absorbed by the photovoltaic of 24 kW for the SUN2000 12KTL, and 26.88 kW for the other 3. In addition to this, these devices have:

  • 2 MPP trackers
  • 2 inputs for MPPT
  • Anti-islading protection
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

The number one brand in global shipping

In addition to this, based on the report released by the global consulting firm IHS Markit, Huawei ranked first worldwide in the delivery of inverters for four consecutive years, from 2015 to 2018.