HD Hyundai Energy Solutions Celebrates 20 Years in Business

HD Hyundai Energy Solutions, an affiliate of the HD Hyundai Solar Energy Division, celebrates 20 years in business, founded in 2004 and today it is a leading company in the global solar energy industry, with high standards of safety, quality and financial reliability.

Its range of photovoltaic panels have acquired RoHS  (Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances) certification regarding the management of toxic substances necessary for the production of photovoltaic modules.

RoHS is a regulatory body that restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products, medical devices and product monitoring and control devices, implemented in July 2006 by the European Union with the aim of reducing risks to the environment and humans, this certification is also applied in some American states.

In addition to RoHS certification, HD Hyundai Energy Solution has acquired KS  (Korea Industrial Standard) certification for high ecological durability through the development of a technology that reduces the lead content of the total weight of solar modules to less than 0.005% as part of a continuous eco-friendly management activity.

Recently, a new product called 630W n-TOPCon and the new HJT lines, developed with the latest technologies, were presented.