Enphase world leader in microinverter technology

Enphase has been the world leader in microinverter technology since its founding in 2006.

More than 1 million Enphase systems are installed worldwide with over 30 million microinverters installed.



The concepts behind this solution are:

  • Safety
  • Simplified design
  • Intelligent control and monitoring
  • High performance
  • Reliability and quality

Quality and reliability with careful design

The quality and reliability are favored by the design with attention to the smallest details, by the countless product tests but also by the reduced number of components compared to a usual string inverter. All this allows Enphase to give its microinverters a 25 year warranty.

Burst Mode technology

Thanks to the Burst Mode technology, the microinverters are able to switch on very early in the morning and switch off late in the evening so as to capture more energy every day than other technologies.

Furthermore, the management of the MPPT of the single module means that every possible Watt of power can be exploited even in conditions of shading, dirt, differences of temperature between adjacent modules and uneven degradation between the different modules of the system.

Monitoring of each individual inverter is equivalent to having the monitoring of each individual module

The monitoring of every single mircoinverter is equivalent to having the monitoring of every single module which leads to great advantages in any maintenance.

Everything is managed through the Envoy S Metered which will measure both energy production and feed into the grid, in this way you will have included the monitoring of self-consumption and if you want put a storage system in a second time you have in automatic the right size.

Online configurator for designing with microinverters

The design with microinverters is very quick and intuitive, just use the IQ7 model suitable for your module by checking it in the relative online configurator and respect the maximum number of microinverters on the single AC line made by the appropriate cables with dedicated connectors, the same thing must also be done for Envoy S Metered and Q-Relay which together also act as interface with the pubblic grid.

Quick automatic shutdown and very low voltage

Finally, safety is given by the rapid automatic shutdown and by the very low DC voltage on the roof given by the single module, characteristics that lead it to be certified according to the restrictive UL regulations.