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The European commission has launched an observatory for the electrical mobility, the EAFO (European Alternative Fuels Observatory), where we find some interesting data about the market growth and development on the charging systems, electric and hybrid cars.

Trends significant increase

A first data that comes up is the growth trend in the percentage of electric vehicles (BEV) and the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in the market.

BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle
PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

In Italy, the number of electric cars registered in 2017 is around 4800 units. If compared to the previous year, this number of units had a 0.25% increase in the market percentage. However, it is important to consider that this number is still low against the North Europe countries, and this is also because in Italy there is no incentive scheme at the time of purchase.

The number of electric cars, in Norway has almost exceed the number of combustion engine cars

Norway, for example, is the company where the number of electric powered cars has almost exceed the number of internal combustion engine cars.

The growth trends and the dominant role of China

Global trends are clear, starting from the Chinese market which is experiencing a very fast increase in sales on the number of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). It is counting 600.000 units sold in 2017 (double if compared to the previous year), which is more than Europe with 215.000 vehicles and United States with about 150.000 units.

» From the following image, taken from Global EV Outlook 2017 of the International Energy Agency the growth trend is clearly visible and China has a dominant role with a large proportion of sales for PHEV cars, like France and Japan. On the contrary, battery electric vehicles (BEV) are predominant in other countries as Holland, Sweden and Great Britain.

Sales of electric cars (BEV and PHEV) in various countries from 2010 to 2016

Annual sales of electric cars in the world

The estimate of many analysis show that in about 20 years, the BEV and PHEV car sales in the world will exceed the 50% of cars sold.

Electric cars sold in Europe in 2017

The number of electric cars sold in Europe in 2017 amounted to approximately 1,5% of the total number of registrations.

The charging infrastructure is essential

The charging infrastructure, both domestic and the one available in working and public places, is essential to contribute to the spread and use of electric vehicles.

To ensure charging stations availability it is also essential to allow the diversification of the transport fuel mix, starting the transition toward green energy.

» For an already advanced market, like Norway as regards electric cars, it is interesting to analyze the preferences in the use of the charging stations, as shown in the following graph.

The growth in the number of charging stations in Europe

Another interesting fact is the growth in number of charging stations in Europe that allow the owners of electric and plug-in vehicles to benefit from them. The most significant growth occurs with those with a power for less than 22kW, as you can see from the following graph:

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure:

»Total number of charging stations

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