Electric vehicles: perspective and vision

The feeling that people have on mobility is really high: news and discussions on electric vehicles are increasingly common.

Everyone knows about Tesla’s exploits and that the production of the new vehicle, Model 3, has started. Everyone knows that Volvo has declared that starting from 2019 all its car will have electric engine, and Volkswagen has recently announced 12 billion dollar investment in China in the next 7 years, in partnership with the Chinese joint venture JAC, after 70 billion euros planned for the electrification of the European models.

Electric vehicles are becoming cheap faster than expected

In general, all the vehicles producers are investing millions of euro to allow electric vehicles to become cheap faster than expected, also because many countries’ governments want to realize concrete actions against climate change.

The de-carbonization of transport

The de-carbonization of transport is a European priority in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, up to 60% in 2050, to reduce the dependence on imports of fossil fuels and to improve air quality.

Regulations on emissions, the Chinese program

Also China has presented a full range of rules on emissions and a scored program related to the electric vehicles production, putting pressure on manufacturers to direct them towards electric vehicles.

European Parliament’s guidelines, the National Law

The European Parliament’s guidelines and the National Laws guarantee a defined and stable regulatory framework, both for the standards of the sockets for the charging columns and for the public charging stations management