LG Solar Panels NeON R

LG Electronics, the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile technology, has been involved in the photovoltaic field for many years, the first researches in this field began in the early 1980s.

NeON R: high performance monocrystalline modules

In 2010, LG Electronics begins mass production of photovoltaic modules with special focus on high performance monocrystalline modules.

Over the years, LG has accumulated a large number of patents and now is ready to launch the newest NeON R module with a power output of up to 365 Wp and efficiency of 21.1%.

The new LG NeON R module series is built with the new N-type monocrystalline cells where the front of the cell is free of contacts to maximize photon collection, while the back of the cell has been further enhanced by the CELLO technology with 30 collecting bars so as to minimize losses and have a very high output power.

The new Neon R’s LG will have up to 30 Wp more than the previous Neon 2 series, from which it maintains the elegance of the black frame, the snow load of 6,000 Pascal, distinguishes it from its competitors to always raise market standards.

A solution suitable for every roof thanks to small dimensions

With such high power output by only 16 modules on 28 square meters a 6 kWp photovoltaic system is obtained with all the advantages it achieves both in the design part and in the practical implementation of the system because often the limitation of roof surfaces and shadows prevent the implementation of a solar system with the desired  power and or performance.

Furthermore, the quality of the product is further improved, the new cells have a lower temperature coefficient and this results in higher output power at high temperatures.

In addition to ensuring the security of an investment that is reimbursed over time, LG Electronics has again improved the Neon R modules guarantee beyond the industry standards.

The module is guaranteed for 25 years on manufacturing defects and has a performance guarantee with a downgrade of -0.4% since the fifth year where 95% of power is always guaranteed to reach 25 years with 87% guaranteed.

With these features, LG NeON R is the ideal module for both small residential and commercial installations where performance and reliability have to be high.

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