ECO: the new series of Solarwatt branded modules

The German company from Dresden, world leader in the production of modules and in particular with glass-glass technology, launches the Eco series on the market.

Eco modules: main features

Eco 120M is a monocrystalline module of 120 half-cut PERC cells. It is a Glass-Film module as it has a tempered glass panel facing the sun and a white backsheet.
100% protection against PID.

The power range goes from 370 to 375 Wp, like all Solarwatt modules, the modules of this series are guaranteed 12 years on the product and 25 years on performance.

Resistant and indestructible Solarwatt modules

All Solarwatt modules are very resistant: the passed tests have highlighted a high resistance to mechanical stress and adverse atmospheric agents such as hail. The modules guarantee excellent performance even in extreme climatic conditions.

Independent salt spray tests have shown the total lack of mechanical and/or electrical damage. (Test conducted with 1,280 hours of load cycles with temperatures from twenty-three to 40 ° C. constants with aggressive sodium chloride solutions.)

Solarwatt, not just modules

In addition to high quality photovoltaic modules, Solarwatt produces the MyReserve Storage System.

A system that, thanks to the chemistry used:  lithium, guarantees batteries with a longer life cycle. It is a modular system, where over time, you can also choose to expand the storage capacity. In addition, the my reserve system is designed to minimize energy losses.

Finally, the management system of my reserve is able to immediately record the request and respond to the energy consumption in a record time of less than 1/2 seconds.


Solarwatt Eco 120M – mono PERC – 120 half cells – 375 Wp


Eco 120M is an economic, high-performance, weather and natural effects resistant monocrystalline 120  PERC half-cut cells module.

  • 12 years warranty on the product
  • 25 years of linear power assurance
  • 100% protection against PID
  • Size available: 375 Wp

Reliability and strength

Solarwatt Eco 120M is one of the best modules value for money as it offers not only performance but also a high resistance to different climatic phenomena. The panel is suitable for installations of all kinds, also thanks to its ammonia and salt mist protection.


The panel is composed of PERC half cells, which thanks to the shading tolerance and the lower influence of micro cracks, ensure greater overall efficiency.


Solarwatt Eco120M offers a 25 year linear power warranty, at the end of which 80% of its power is guaranteed.