StorEdge inverters: the perfect solutions for your storage system

SolarEdge, a brand that has always offered quality solutions, suitable for any residential and commercial system, has several devices that perfectly adapt to many applications where a storage system is needed for your photovoltaic system.

A series of products are undoubtedly the inverters, present both with single-phase and three-phase connection, DC side or connectable on the alternating side.

Single-phase inverter HD-Wave

This particular solution has a string inverter specifically designed to work with power optimizers and very simple to install, commissioning can be done quickly and effectively through the SetApp application.

This type of inverter has sizes ranging from 2200 VA on the AC side to 6000 VA.

This product is available both in the solution without Sesti, and in that with an integrated interface.

The HD-Wave single-phase inverter also features integrated module-level monitoring and the integrated electric arc protection function.

Three-phase inverter

A recent solution introduced by SolarEdge is three-phase inverters with DC side coupling. This product, if a Solaredge three-phase inverter is already installed, can also be coupled to the high AC, by connecting a single battery and any Smart Energy devices to it.

To offer greater flexibility, a wide range of 48V low voltage batteries can be connected to this inverter.

This device has 4 different power sizes: 5, 7, 8 and 10 kVA. The maximum battery input power is different: in this, it is equal to 5000 W regardless of the inverter size chosen for your system.

As for the HD-Wave single-phase inverter, the degree of protection for this product is IP65 and can, therefore, be installed indoors and outdoors.

AC-Coupled inverter

Solaredge’s third storage solution features a single-phase inverter with HD-Wave technology that can be connected on the AC side, to which the Sesti interface protection must be combined.

This product has been designed to work in single-phase or three-phase systems, with SolarEdge string inverters or even third-party ones.

In this case, the sizes available are 2: 3680 VA and 5000 VA, in both cases with an efficiency close to 99%.

As in the two previous cases, this product also has the possibility of communicating with Smart Energy devices and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.