Belgium good prospects for the future BESS

Belgium, a small country with little sunshine, is promoting residential photovoltaic systems with a full net-billing to 10 kWp, through a complete on-site exchange mechanism, i.e. each KWh exported to the grid is fully deducted from the bill.

Full on-site exchange mechanism

This type of incentive is very advantageous for the installation of photovoltaic systems, especially given the high cost of the average kWh paid by the Belgian people of 0.2839 € / kWh (source: European Market Outlook For Residential Battery Storage 2020-2024; SolarPower Europe by SolarPower Europe).

Unfortunately, this type of incentive that transforms the network into practice as a virtual storage system penalizes the installation of batteries.

Belgium encourages the installation of BESS

Currently, the Flandersregion has made available a small budget to incentivize the installation of BESS both for the current year, extending the contribution also to 2021 which, however, is currently giving only limited effects to the market.

The on-site exchange will be discontinued in Flanders in 2021 in order to provide greater incentives for the installation of residential storage systems, while at the moment it should still remain in Wallonia.

In 2022, Belgium plans to introduce new mechanisms that encourage prosumers to install storage systems such as dynamic electricity tariffs and an increase in the cost of kWh on large consumers.