Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48

Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 for all-in-one off-grid systems

The Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 is the first product of Steca Elektronik to offer an all in one off-grid/hybrid system or an UPS.

Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 for off-grid systems

In the chassis of the Solarix PLI 5000-48 there is a pure sine wave inverter 230V, a 80 A MPPT photovoltaic charge controller with a maximum input voltage of 145V suitable for 3 modules in 60-cell in series and batteries charger 230 Vac for external backup sources such as a power grid or diesel generator activated via a relay.

Switching between battery power and external sources grid or generator is very fast, switching time less than 10 ms.

With these features, the Solarix PLI 5000-48 can be used in 3 modes:

  • pure island system where the only source of energy is photovoltaic modules
  • hybrid system with the choice of the primary source from photovoltaic or grid/generator
  • as an UPS where the batteries are only charged by the grid and remain in the buffer until blackout.

Type of possible three-phase connections

Through an optional board, up to 9 machines can be inserted into the same plant, forming a three-phase system with 3 parallel machines for each phase but also 9 machines on the same phase.

The Solarix PLI 5000-48 also supports unbalance three-phase configurations, the important thing is not to exceed the 9 machines for each system.

Given the double overload capacity of the nominal power and pure sine wave, any type of load can be fed.

The sophisticated maximum power point tracker always ensures maximum battery charge in any environmental condition.

The large display allows you to monitor all operating parameters comfortably, all settings are directly from the display via the 4 function button, and RS232 and USB communication ports are also available for connection to a PC.

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