Wallbox presents Pulsar Max: the intelligent home charger

Pulsar Max by Wallbox is an intelligent home charger designed to optimize the charging of electric vehicles, ensuring time and energy savings. Thanks to its energy efficiency and fast charging speed, Pulsar Max allows for the maximization of daily electric vehicle usage.

Main features:

  • Fast charging up to 22 kW of power
  • Thanks to its simple and compact design, installation (indoor or outdoor) is easy
  • Maximizes the use of energy stored through solar panels
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles and adaptable to any type of home
  • Advanced CPU capable of processing data quickly, with updatable software
  • 3-year warranty, with the possibility of renewal
  • Control through the myWallbox app, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Pulsar Max offers a cutting-edge charging experience that combines convenience, sustainability, and efficiency.

Wallbox presents a range of solutions aimed at optimizing energy management and efficiency:

  • Eco-Smart. Optimizes the electric vehicle charging by using excess energy produced by solar panels. For a fully green charge, you can choose either 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy (*requires a separate meter).
  • Power Boost. Ensures dynamic load balancing between your home and the car in real-time. This allows the use of large appliances without sacrificing the vehicle charging speed. No costly upgrades to the electrical panel are needed (*requires a separate meter).
  • Power Sharing. Provides the option to install multiple chargers connected to the same circuit, ensuring a dynamic distribution of available energy. This way, all connected cars can be charged simultaneously, optimizing the use of available energy resources (**Eco-Smart is not compatible with Power Sharing).

Wallbox: Pulsar Max

Smart home charger designed to optimize charging of electric vehicles; saving time and energy for everyday drivers of electric vehicles

  • Up to 22 kW of power
  • Eco-smart, Power Boost, Power Sharing
  • 3 year warranty
  • Monitoring via myWallbox app

Wallbox Pulsar Max takes advantage of maximum charging speed while minimizing energy consumption, and also maximizes daily electric vehicle usage and makes the most of energy stored through solar panels

Easy to install due to its simple and compact design weighing 1.3kg, it is compatible with any home, protection rating: IP55 / IK10

Wallbox offers various energy management solutions: Eco-smart, Power Boost, Power Sharing

App myWallbox

Thanks to the myWallbox app, you can monitor the status of the charger wherever you are with the ability to remotely lock and unlock, and you can also receive statistics on energy consumption and spending in real time.