VSN700 of ABB: an efficient choice for monitoring your system

The Data Loggers of the VSN700 series from ABB are devices that allow the customer to see detailed energy reports of his plant, thanks to the remote data acquisition.

Product operation

The VSN700 Data Logger has the function of collecting and analyzing the production data from any ABB inverter or other supported devices and appropriately connected to the VSN.

All information regarding performance and production is recorded in a database on the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform cloud, from here you can view all the data collected.

On this platform the installer can initially register the VSN700 Data Logger, verifying that the device is transmitting correctly.

Subsequently, the address for access to the Aurora Vision Plant Viewer interface can be sent to the end customer so that it can monitor his system.

Instead, the installer will be able to access Aurora Vision’s professional Plant Portfolio Manager platform.

The VSN700, including the Aurora Vision platform, has the following advantages:

  • Optimization of the economic return on the investment
  • Increased efficiency of the photovoltaic system
  • Reduction in operating costs over the entire product life cycle
  • Data displayed in real-time and stored chronologically
  • Error notification functions and communication of any alarms
  • Remote access to all system data

VSN700: which components it consists of

The VSN700 consists of various components such as a data logger/gateway, an AC / DC power adapter and, optionally, a DIN rail mounting kit.

The Data Logger is provided with a port for an RJ45 connection, through which it connects to a LAN network. Typically it connects to a DSL line or a cable modem via a router that allows Internet access.

Types of models

You can choose between 3 VSN700 Data Logger models, each with different features and supported devices:

  • VSN700-01: monitors up to 5 single-phase and / or three-phase ABB string inverters (Trio 5.8 / 7.5 / 8.5).
  • VSN700-03: monitors up to 10 ABB string inverters, single-phase or three-phase, and an ABB VSN800 weather station.
  • VSN700-05: monitors any ABB solar inverter and other ABB and non-ABB devices, if supported. Examples are some meters, string combiner and weather stations.

To learn more about the product series, VpSolar invites you to visit the dedicated page: https://new.abb.com/power-converters-inverters/solar/monitoring-and-communication/data-loggers-and-controllers/vsn700-data-logger

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