Fimer solar inverter PVS 10/33-TL

Fimer, world leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic inverters, has one of the widest product ranges, from small 1 kW string inverters to centralized of hundreds of kW. Fimer is active in every corner of the globe with over 55 GW of installed power it has a great experience in all operating conditions.

Inverters PVS 10/33-TL for medium residential and small/medium commercial systems

Thanks to the expertise gained over the years, Fimer has designed and introduced on the market the new series of PVS-10/12.5/15/20/30/33-TL inverters suitable for any context: from large residential PV plant to small/medium commercial-industrial systems, but also photovoltaic shelters and trackers.

Like the other Fimer inverters, these new PVS have also been designed to facilitate the installer on site and thanks to the advanced communication both WLAN and LAN the commissioning operations are carried out in a few steps which can then be replicated with a click in the others inverters of the same plant.

O&M operations made easier thanks to the fuseless concept

O&M operations are facilitated as monitoring of individual string currents is included so as to easily keep an eye on even large photovoltaic generators without worrying about possible fuse failures thanks to the fuseless concept.

The very wide voltage range, the number of connections and the current per single MPPT makes it very flexible both for new installations but also for revamping operations.

Two main variants SX and SY

The product line is divided into two main variants, SX with Type 2 SPD on both the AC and DC side, while the SY model includes Type 1 + 2 SPD on the DC side and Type 2 on the AC side. Finally, the more powerful 33 kW model can be ordered in the SI variant with Type 2 SPDs in both DC and AC for connections to IT distribution systems.

Optionally, from the factory, all sizes can integrate optionally the anti-PID devices and the electric arc detection system (AFCI)