JinkoSolar recognized as Top Performer 2021 for the seventh time

For the seventh consecutive time from 2014 to date JinkoSolar is classified in the reliability table of photovoltaic modules PVEL 2021 (PV Evolution Labs) as Top Performer.

PVEL is the leading independent test laboratory for the photovoltaic and storage industry, the mission of PV Evolution Labs PVEL is to analyze the performance and reliability of technologies in the solar photovoltaic industry with tests on modules, inverters and batteries and to release data useful for analyzing and continuously improving technologies over time.

“Being recognized as a Top Performer is a testament to our commitment to research and development,” said Xiande Li, CEO of JinkoSolar. “Customers around the world trust us to deliver powerful, safe and durable high quality modules. We will continue to innovate to ensure that JinkoSolar modules offer the best return on investment. “

“Congratulations to JinkoSolar for being recognized as a ‘Top Performer’ for the seventh consecutive time,”said Tristan Erion-Lorico, commercial director of photovoltaic modules at PV Evolution Labs. “The PVEL PQP and subsequent reliability table help module buyers make informed decisions and we are proud of Jinko’s participation in both standards. We look forward to continuing our relationship with JinkoSolar for years to come.”

Overall High Achiever 2021

Among the awards JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. in 2021, for the second consecutive year, receives from the Renewable Energy Testing Center (“RETC”) the qualification of “Overall High Achiever 2021” being among the 5 world producers to have received this award .

The RETC report collects and classifies various data from independent tests, resistance, BOS, materials used, highlighting their quality, performance and durability.

JinkoSolar photovoltaic modules have demonstrated excellent results that demonstrate resistance to extreme weather conditions such as hail, excellent performance and high durability.

JinkoSolar photovoltaic panels gamma:

With the Tiger Pro range, a new generation of highly efficient modules with Tiling Ribbon technology has been introduced to the market, which allows to significantly increase the power of the module while maintaining reduced dimensions, with powers up to 475 Wp.