Trina Solar the most bankable for Bloomberg

Renewed for the nth time the bankability of Trina Solar, a global leader company in the production and supply of PV modules and related solutions and services.

Bankability is the availability of a bank or moneylender to grant a financing

Remember the fact that bankability is the availability of a bank or moneylender to grant a financing for a solar project which involves a specific brand of solar panels. Bank institutions evaluate the reliability of the PV modules supplier by taking into consideration various aspects, as the quality of the module, the financial wellbeing of the supplier and the ability to respect the warranty of the product.

Report Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)

The recent report about the solar sector bankability, which was published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), awarded Trina with a greater score, confirming is already high rate. The ratio is based on the interview with the most important financial operators of the solar sector, who totally own 15 GW of photovoltaic power in exercise and other 100 under evaluation.

Today, Trina Solar guides the smart energy sector

Founded in 1997 as photovoltaic system integrator, today Trina Solar guides the smart energy sector in collaboration with different installers, distributors, energy providers and developers worldwide.

For over 12 years Trina Solar distributors

VP Solar has been distributing Trina Solar PV modules for more than 12 years, granting to resellers reliable and competitive solutions for commercial and domestic systems; combined with inverters, cabling systems and high-quality assembly.

Special conditions supplies and dedicated services

VP Solar commercial and engineering team provide dedicated services and special conditions supplies for PV systems between 100 kW and 5000 kW, to be installed both overseas and within the Italian country. To ask any offer, please contact us at [email protected].

Kit for residential solutions

For residential applications, systems supplied in the form of Kit are very demanded. These Kits include many complementary energetic technologies: photovoltaic, thermic and thermodynamic, storage heat pumps, conditioning and charging stations for electric vehicles.

B2B exclusive distributor

The B2B exclusive approach of VP Solar is a guarantee element for VP Solar reseller clients.