The Six Reasons to choose Q Cells: best polycrystalline panel of 2013

Why should you rely on Q Cells?

Technology leadership: highest power classes, high efficiency, cutting-edge technology like anti-PID, anti-hot spots. 50% less losses for reflection. These PV panels are synonymous with German Engineering.

Quality is the best Warranty: 100% quality control of the production, the most comprehensive quality program of the industry – Quality Tested. For the first time, retesting is mandatory.

Successful performance: Q CELLS modules are tested under harsh climatic conditions, in Australia, Saudi Arabia, India. Even here their performance is great. Great performance even in case of low irradiation and high temperature.

Reliability: Out of 3.1 million crystalline solar modules produced since 2010 only 77 modules were subject to a failure-based claim.

Research: Q CELLS operates an accredited testing laboratory and the largest R&D center in the industry with more than 200 engineers and scientists.

Happy customers:  Germany “As a large PV installer I want to offer my clients high quality solar panels only, with high and reliable power output over more than 25 years as well as without yield killers like PID or delamination. Because nobody wants to have trouble on his roof, in particular when it concerns the energy supply. With Q CELLS, our clients are definitely on the safe side.“

VP Solar since 1999 is committed to deliver the best products to your installation and Q Cells is the proof of it, when we have chosen  these panel brand we were sure about its outstanding reliability. Contact us to know more.

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