Photon Test 2013: Q Cells Q.Pro is the best poly solar panel

Thalheim, Germany, 19 February 2014] – The Q.PRO solar modules from Q CELLS outperform their competition and come out as the No. 1 poly-crystalline panels in the 2013 PHOTON module yield measurements. The company’s second-generation modules (Q.PRO-G2) have been the top-performing poly-crystalline modules of 151 different PV modules from 119 manufacturers. The Q CELLS product was listed in fourth place in the overall list; however, the three top-ranked modules were based on mono-crystalline wafers.

This shows that the company’s high quality and ‘Engineered in Germany’ strategy is paying off.

This proves that Hanwha Q CELLS does not only promise, but also delivers superior performance and quality”, said Charles Kim, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS. “With PHOTON using our second generation modules and us already being one generation further along, today Q CELLS panels offer even better yields and more competitive LCOE to PV customers.”

One of the most stringent tests in Europe
The PHOTON test is considered one of the most stringent tests in Europe. The PHOTON Laboratory measures the yield in kilowatt-hours in relation to the module’s nominal power. Taking the irradiance into consideration the performance ratio can be calculated; a parameter for the module performance. A good low-light behaviour and a low temperature coefficient make a high performance ratio possible.

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