Sunny Island 6.0H / 8.0H

Through the Sunny Island 6.0H / 8.0H, you can create intelligent on grid energy management systems (check for your country and/or installation regulations) and in off-grid system with external generator support in the range of 3/24 kW power both in single-phase or three-phase configuration.

Sunny Island is the intelligent heart of SMA Flexible Storage System systems working in partnership with the new Sunny Home Manager 2.0 both in new plants or retrofitted.

Its high protection class, wide range of temperatures without derating and excellent overload capacity, high reliability due to 20 years of product experience make it the ideal hybrid inverter in all situations, including the most critical.

It is used in the high mountains, in the desert or in the middle of rainforests

It is used on the 5 continents both in the desert and in the high mountains, but also in the middle of rainforests also undergoing major heat shifts between day and night. Efficiency is very high for a car of this type and is not affected by these factors. The high quality pure sine wave allows the power of any device, even the most sensitive.

Sunny Island it can be connected to standard lead batteries or li-ion batteries

Sunny Island is also very flexible, it can be connected to standard lead batteries both gel and liquid electrolyte, but also with the major brands of li-ion batteries. Click here for the compatibility list. Additionally, through the Multicluster Box accessory, up to 36 Sunny Island can be installed in the same system to meet any power requirements.

It can be equipped with standard SMA monitoring systems such as the simple Ethernet / Speedwire or the Cluster Controller in more complex systems.

With Sunny Design, you can design it easily and accurately, and with Home Manager 2.0, charging of batteries can also be based on weather forecasts.