Shortage: 5 strategies to avoid that

Over these months, the worldwide shortage of photovoltaics market has been increasing very sharply.

What causes this shortage?


There are many reasons for this: growing PV installations in China, the IHS Markit has estimated 26 GW installed in the first 2017 semester and 45 GW all over the 2017; huge USA importation of PV components, because of Trump policies on Renewable Energies and on customs regulations.

The expectation of 2017 worldwide photovoltaics market has gone from 65 to 90 GW.

This shortage is influencing also the prices of the components, that are tending to increase even more.

This shortage involves modules, inverters and battery systems, that over 2017 are difficult to get, even for other reasons.

What to do?

It is unacceptable that both wholesalers and installers can not gather orders after big efforts and investments in sales, because they are not able to source the material they need in time.

Maybe PV secotor, that periodically is subjected to this acute shortage stages is not as mature as others. Perhaps it is not able to manage this difference between demand and offer, comparing to other markets that do this better.
Thanks to this incapacity over the last period last minute purchases of PV components were always a chance to improve margins on sales because price were getting lower.

Today is not like that: shortage and price growth can complicate and make more expensive the source of material over the next few months.

And so what to do?

  1. planning, considering tha shortage could last for a long period
  2. rely on reliable suppliers, that thanks to their experience and stock can face next market evolutions
  3. keep into consideration that this shortage is not related to a specific product or a specific country, but involves the global market and PV modules, inverters and battery systems.
  4. appreciate and share this information, make the end customers understand that a quick decision can reserve interesting opportunities
  5. be quicker: be the first one to get the best offers from a reliable supplier allows to get better conditions, to avoid uncertainty and to focus your efforts on sales than on purchases

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