Sungrow commercial inverter SG110CX

The Sungrow SG110CX inverter is the right inverter for commercial building utility scale systems.

Thanks to the 9 MPPTs it can manage difficult roofs of industrial buildings where there may be numerous obstacles such as chimneys for smoke evacuation, air conditioning systems, skylights and so on.

Possibility to connect up to 2 strings in parallel formed by modules with 210 mm cells

The MPPT voltage range is very wide and thanks to the start voltage of only 250 V the energy production will start early in the morning. The input current of 26 A also allows you to connect 2 strings in parallel formed by the new modules with big cells, so you will have maximum freedom in choosing the photovoltaic generator.

Protections included as standard

This SG110CX inverter already include as standard SPD Type II both on the DC and AC side, on the DC side there is also nr. 3 DC switch and since usually with the present modules a maximum of two strings are connected in parallel on each MPPT, not external string box are required.

Also ideal for revamping

The SG110CX can also be used comfortably for revamping  with old modules with possible PID thanks to the integrated recovery function.

The installation is facilitated by the low weight compared  the power and can be done outdoors given the degree of protection IP66. It is also possible to use aluminum or copper cables so that both weight and cost can be saved.

Remote commissioning and management

Intuitive commissioning can also be done remotely, as well as firmware updates. If, on the other hand, you want to start it locally, you will need to use the dedicated app that will connect to the inverter via bluetooth.

The management of the system is simple and through the external datalogger you will have monitoring on the app or web portal anywhere, also being able to perform O&M operations such as scanning the IV curve.

Network support functions such as HVRT, LVRT

This inverter is also future-proof as it includes grid support functions such as HVRT, LVRT, active and reactive power control also at night without power from the modules.

An improved version is also available, the SG110CX_V112 which also includes the electric arc prevention function (AFCI) and the SPD Type I + II for the DC side.