Steca: PR-PRIP65


Charge controller topology with shunt MOSFETs and PWM control for small / medium size systems.

The version of 20 A is available for outdoor use with IP65 protection.

Display for the display of all operating parameters and for its setting.

The Steca PR series is dedicated to photovoltaic plants of medium size.

Equipped with an LCD display can be used where there is a need to display in a clear and concise the various operating parameters.

The charge is adjusted by means algorithm SOC (State of Charge). The charge controller is equipped with all major protections for both the battery for the controller itself.

The version 20 A can be ordered with IP65 chassis for use in harsh conditions such as in dusty or humid environments.

In the IP65 version the controller can be equipped with factory alarm contact.



Dati tecnici

Modello 1010 1515 2020 3030 2020IP
Tensione di sistema [V] 12/24
Voc massima [V] 47
Corrente modulo [A] 10 15 20 30 20
Corrente di carico [A] 10 15 20 30 20
Tecnologia batterie* Piombo, vaso aperto/gel
Tensione di fine carica [V]* 13.9 / 27.8
Tensione di carica boost [V]* 14.4 / 28.8
Carica di compensazione [V]* 14.7 / 29.4
Tensione di ripristino (SOC/LVR) [V]* >50% | 12.6 / 25.2
Protezione da scarica profonda (SOC/LVD) [V]* <30% | 11.1 / 22.2
Temperatura ambiente [°C] -10° … +50°
Grado di protezione IP31 IP65

*settabili tramite display