Steca: charge controllers and off-grid systems

The German company Steca has been the best manufacturer of off-grid systems for years, which are entirely produced in its factory of Memmingen, in Bayern.

Starting from charge controllers, necessary for the correct matching of PV modules with the accumulation systems, Steca has always been developing  its products to make them more efficient and reliable, widening and completing the range of products with all devices necessary to use photovoltaic energy in every time and space.

Steca Solsum and Solarix: energy without interruption

For example, Steca charge controllers of the families Solsum and Solarix have been recently widened with the introduction of four new products, which can manage much more grid and therefore power to improve the performances as well as their applications.

The new Steca Solsum 2525 and 4040 are the new generations of charge controllers and the evolution of the lucky PRS series, which allows to connect smartphones and tablets thanks to the increase of the modules grid, and the practical USB connector. Furthermore the practical LEDs  allow to keep every information of the system under control, like the battery charge or information about other errors.

The new Solarix 2525 and 4040 offer much more information thanks to the display that informs about the plant efficiency with symbols and indicators. Also the programming has been simplified thanks to the presence of two keys that allow the configuration of the battery type and its control. Furthermore it is possible to match them with an electrical energy meter to get the value of energy production and self-consumption too. These controllers, as well as the Solsum ones, allow through a USB cable to charge electronic devices easily.

VP Solar: professionalism in off-grid systems for 16 years

Another confirmation of VP Solar’s competence acquired in the off-grid field during the last 16 years is the availability of the whole range of solutions for island systems.  Rely on whom has always been giving advice to professionals in the field of energy efficiency in the design and realization of island plants.

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