Steca: Solarix 2525 – 4040


Charge controller topology with shunt MOSFETs and PWM control for medium sized plants.

The controller has a practical USB port for charging mobile phones and tablets.

Display for the display of all operating parameters and for its setting.

Twilight function and programming of the ignition lights profiles.

The charge controllers Solarix 2525 and 4040 extend the proven series of PR regulators more power input to and output modules for the loads.

Also they include the USB output for direct charging of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The large graphic display informs the user of all operating states and facilitates the settings with the aid of practical symbols.

Available numerically voltages, currents, and a practical energy meter.

All internal protections and those for maximum battery performance over time are directly implemented internally.



Dati tecnici

Modello 2525 4040
Tensione di sistema [V] 12 / 24
Voc massima [V] 47
Corrente modulo [A] 25 40
Corrente di carico [A] 25 40
Presa USB 5.2 V / 1.5 A
Tecnologia batterie* Piobo, vaso aperto/gel
Tensione di fine carica [V]* 13.9 / 27.8
Tensione di carica boost [V]* 14.4 / 28.8
Carica di compensazione [V]* 14.7 / 29.4
Tensione di ripristino (SOC/LVR) [V]* > 50% | 12.6 / 25.2
Protezione da scarica profonda (SOC/LVD) [V]* < 30% | 11.1 / 22.2
Temperatura ambiente [°C] – 10° … + 50°
Grado di protezione [°C] IP30

*settabili tramite display