Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M: the most innovative charge controller

Steca Elektronik GmbH was awarded the Otti Innovation Prize 2014 at the 29th Symposium for Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Bad Staffelstein in recognition of its dual MPPT peak charge controller, the Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M.

The pioneering device is the first off-grid charge controller with a fully-fledged internal data logger capable of recording complete yield data over a period of 20 years.

A self-explanatory, graphical LCD display illustrates this data and key system information.

Two separate MPP trackers and an input voltage range up to 200 V DC offer significant flexibility in terms of different orientations, connection options, pv panel types and string voltages in one device.

The Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M is furthermore the first charge controller to achieve a conversion efficiency of 99% as actually measured in the field.

This value has been verified in independent measurements conducted by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna…More

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