Shortage in Europe of modules and inverters

No-one could have ever forecasted it, after the continuous decrease of the European PV market and with the loss of its leading role in the world industry, but now we are in November 2015 and there is a big shortage of modules and Inverters in Europe.

Many are the reason of this phenomenon: many non-European countries are facing a boom of installations, Europe became a secondary market and, at the same time, many European countries are facing a phase of year-end rush.

Summing all these factors, you get a market whose provision is limited and conditioned. In such situations, which repeat cyclically, having a reliable and organised supplier with a wide stock is essential: VP Solar has been a key role player in the distribution of PV products since 1999, thanks also to its organization based on the platform SAP, which allows to make sophisticated forecasts, and to its strategic relationships with the main manufacturers of the PV industry.

Wide stock at VP Solar

VP Solar has always been dedicating its customers (both installers and resellers) a wide range of modules (more than 15000) and photovoltaic inverters (more than 2000) of top brands in prompt delivery: ABB, SMA, Solarworld, Panasonic, Solaredge, LG, Fronius, Q. Cells, Kostal, Kioto, Steca, Kyocera.

The resellers like our extremely competitive conditions (register into Private Area) , our quick supply and our team of engineers, which is always ready to answer any questions regarding the phases of pre and post-sales.

The installers recognize VP Solar as a historical and reliable partner able to orientate them in the market transferring market visions and know-how on innovative technologies such as solar thermodynamic and aerovoltaic, storage, heat pomps and controlled mechanical ventilation, energetic domotics.

All international prizes awarded by VP Solar during the last few years stand for a guarantee for the professionalism of the company, like the last one: the prize KNX2015 awarded at EXPO 2015 for the best project in energetic domotics related to, a project for the energetic restoration of buildings with low energy efficiency employing renewable energies.