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Samsung ESS: the storage All-in-One

Samsung has recently added to his product catalogue a news device for storage in PV system: the ESS All-in-One. Offering a modular and flexible design, the new Samsung Energy Storage System (ESS) is able to meet the different customer’s requests and provide them a turnkey solution for every system.

Samsung ESS: more energy for the home

The new Samsung ESS All-in-One is based on a battery pack of Lithium Ion cells, that the company has developed in the years to meet the demanding requirements of global top automotive brands’ electric vehicles. Thanks to this R&D, Samsung SDI ESS provides long life span, safety and the highest dynamic charge acceptance, promising a low total cost of ownership and reliability.

Energy storage offers a variety of benefits: for example, it compensates the intermittency of renewable energy thanks to the battery, giving more energy usable even during the day or in the night.

The result is to use more energy from the solar source and the photovoltaic modules, increasing the self-consumption and the benefits for the end user, with low expenses from the energy grid.

ESS system for residential use is a single phase inverter with 3,6 kWh of battery capacity and an AC power output of 4,6 kW. The Li-Ion give a long life expectation of 6000 cycles give a long durability and reliability for a long period.

VP Solar for the storage

VP Solar has a unique range of products for the storage, now complete with the introduction of the Samsung solution for domestic use. For more information and for the dedicated pricelist, please enter on our private area in order to find pricelists, technical sheet and more.

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