EnnexOS, new SMA energy management platform

EnnexOS is the new platform of SMA for energy management of all energy sectors that can be applied in all segments, residential and commercial until utility-scale.

Optimize your performance and monitoring with EnnexOS

EnnexOS combines all relevant generators and consumers, integrating electrical and thermal energy components, using input/output systems and meter devices.

With this platform you can reduce energy costs increasing energy efficiency, optimizing the performances and monitoring to track all energy flows.

Tha platform is designed with a modular approach, supporting future digital business models.

Some features of EnnexOS platform:

  • production and optimization of green solar energy with SMA system solutions
  • management and optimization of all relevant energy flows
  • demand charge reduction with intelligent SMA storage systems
  • next generation e-mobility infrastructure

SMA is a German manufacturing company with a huge range of solution for photovoltaic conversion: single phase, three phase and central inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale plants.

VP Solar is an European distributor of SMA, with 20 years of experience and an Engineering department for its customers (resellers and EPC).

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