Quality made by SolarWorld AG

SolarWorld AG aims always more in innovation, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in photovoltaic it can provide cutting-edge technology and superior quality.


The added value

SolarWorld AG has been developed in just a few years, transforming itself from the commercial company it was in the beginning, in a group for solar energy with integrated process of creating added value, from raw materials to wafers, cells, modules, to the finite high quality solar systems.

Today the group has benefited because it has pointed promptly on fully completion of the whole chain of creating added value in the field of solar energy: available to the group, in all production steps, are modern factories able to fully supply the solar energy market, which continues to expand.

In addition, the group operates inside, at all levels, the development of solar technology.

SolarWorld AG all over the world

All over the group about 3,800 workers are employed in offices in Germany, Spain, South Africa, Asia and the USA, and the trend is growing.

SolarWorld AG has pursued for years a strategy aimed which allows today to being present on all major markets in the solar industry.

In total the group has 11 locations (including three production centers, joint ventures and holding companies).

SolarWorld mainly produces in Germany and the USA, two markets that, according to the expert’s calculations, that already represent over the 50% of global solar energy market and that in the future will grow up.

New market targets

In addition, we have available in the important Asian market more production capacities in the seat in joint venture managed with a South Korean partner.

Thanks to the presence on the most important markets for solar power we are able to react very flexibly to short-term developments and to avoid long distances for deliveries.

So we can accelerate the strategic distribution of our products worldwide.

VP Solar is distributor of SolarWorld in Italy. Thanks to its commercial and technical departments, it can offer a solution for all your questions.

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