SolarWorld presents the Bisun System

SolarWorld presents the Bisun System:

bifacial solar cell technology combined with optimized racking and 300 watt high performance module at Intersolar Europe

SolarWorld is presenting  the latest developments in solar modules and storage technologies at Intersolar Europe from June 22 to 24, 2016. Highlights include bifacial solar power modules with their own newly developed racking system and the new high performance module that achieves output of over 300 watt on the basis of 5-busbar technology combined with PERC cells.

Bifacial solar modules and Sunfix Bisun racking system

With the Sunmodule Bisun, SolarWorld has launched a new era of modules for free-field and flat roof systems. The use of light reflected on to the rear side of the module makes higher yields of up to 25 percent possible, depending on the surface on which it is installed. SolarWorld has developed a new racking system for flat roofs that is optimized for the bifacial technology.

Sunfix Bisun mounts the module at a distance of 30 cm to the roof surface optimizing light capture for energy harvest. The increased elevation ensures optimized energy harvest without sacrificing the performance of the racking system.

The racking system consists of five pre-assembled components (3 legs adjusted to a module tilt of 10°, ballast tray, and, cable routing) and can be installed using only one tool. It is fixed to the roof through ballast. Roof bolts can be integrated into the system if required.

The legs are made of sturdy, weather-resistant material of stainless steel and aluminum. The Sunfix Bisun does not need any long rails – the longest part of the system is 80 cm long. This means it is easy to transport and needs little storage space.

Sunfix Bisun can be attached to flat roofs with a roof-tilt of up to five degrees. It is suitable for various rooftop covers such as bitumen, gravel, foil or green roofs. The module and racking system are available immediately.

Sunmodule Plus solar power module with 5 busbar technology

300 watt output is possible with the new 60-cell Sunmodule Plus SW 300 mono module. The high output is achieved by using 5-busbar technology in conjunction with PERC high performance cells. SolarWorld was the first company to use PERC technology in industrial cell production and set a cell efficiency record of 22.04 percent.

PERC (passivated emitter rear cells) cells are fitted with an additional passivation layer on the rear side which increases the charge carrier density leading to substantially higher cell output. About 20 watt additional output is possible from the module of the same area.

By combining PERC cells with 5-busbar technology, output can be increased further: A higher number of busbars, the conducting circuit paths on the cell, with which they are connected, means improved transmission of the electricity and increases energy efficiency.

The new high performance module 2 achieves an efficiency level of nearly 18 percent and output of over 300 watt. This makes it ideal for solar power systems with a limited available area: 5-busbar modules reach a higher energy output on the same area. The module will be available at the end of 2016.

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