SolarWorld modules

The high European-quality Solarworld modules for standalone plants

Solarworld is the historical manufacturer for PV modules and it has always been meticulously careful to quality and reliability over time of its modules and solutions.

Solarworld Modules for standalone plants: German Quality

The range of available solutions is very wide and, besides the solutions for residential and industrial on- grid plants, it has always been offering specific series for off-grid applications.

Those modules, whose size is between 50 and 150 Wp, can be matched to charge controllers, batteries and inverters to realize systems to supply isolated users or other off-grid applications.

These special kinds of modules must have particular voltages compatible to charge controllers available on the market, to create the right electric match and minimize eventual losses: therefore in accordance with the specific request it is important to evaluate and consider the matching between energy source, modules, and the electrical components, which are responsible for the transformation into usable energy from isolated users.

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