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VP Solar new catalog for pv panels

With the new catalog for modules, VP Solar is even more competitive.

Our resellers and installers like in particular the ability of the company to assure always the best products in stock at very competitive prices.

VP Solar new catalog for pv panels: what’s new?

Most appealing products:

  • The whole range of Q.Cells, experienced German pv producer that offers polycrystalline panels from 245 to 280 Wp (60 cells). In the last few months VP Solar has provided the 250 Wp ones, that today are very difficult to get from the market. Very esteemed are also the Cells mono panels from 270 to 280 Wp, balck ones poly and mono
  • SolarWorld, German pv manufacturer that is point of reference for quality. Very appreciated is the 250 Wp Plus For particular applications either the mono 280 Wp one or the glass-glass Protect 250 Wp are very appreciated
  • Kioto, with the latest model 250 Wp with the power optimizer SolarEdge included, it maximizes the efficiency and the energy produced.
  • LG is the most appreciated high efficiency pv panel in the market. Always available is the most requested power size of 300 Wp
  • Panasonic: historical bench-mark of performance, always very appreciated
  • Kyocera: in stock the 320 Wp one
  • Special Modules: always available panels from 5 over 300 Wp for off-grid applications, ALL RED modules for particular requirements and panels of outdated power sizes for revamping such as 230, 235 and 240 Wp


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