Plan for green energy in Sweden

Sweden, with its plan for green energy, hopes to increase the percentage of renewable energy sources in the final gross consumption.

About this, Sweden could be considered one of the most “green” countries in the European Union.

The total amount of renewable energy sources was 217 TWh in 2015, an increase of 10 TWh from the previous year. The most important sources that have contributed to this growth were wind power and biofuels, that had the largest expansion during those years.

Will Sweden keep growing with its new plan?

On the other hand, biofuels and hydropower are probably the most significant energy sources in the country.

As shown in the following graphs, there are some different possibilities to satisfy the energy needs of Sweden with renewable energy. As a matter of fact, during the last years, this country has invested in a lot of them.

For this reason, the percentage of RES in the electricity sector has increased continuously (as the transport and heating and cooling ones), up to reach around 54% of the total share in 2015.

A plan for 65% of RES by 2030

Sweden has not included any explicit national target for renewable sources by 2030, with its plan for green energy. On the other hand, the Sweden Energy Agency has set the following goal:  65% of RES in final gross consumption of energy.

This scenario has been designed based on the existing policies and measures of this country.

As shown in the following graph, during the following years, the percentage of renewable energy sources will grow steadily. For example, the objective for 2025 is a share of 56% in the final gross consumption of energy.

Considering one of the targets incorporated in Sweden’s plan for green energy, this country stated that it will have zero net emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by 2045. This means that emissions from activities in the Swedish territory will be at least 85% lower by 2045 compared to the same values registered in 1990.

In addition to this, one of the investments within the renewable energy sector involves PV. As a matter of fact, between 2019 and 2020, Sweden will invest about 86 million to grow its PV industry.