The reduction of emissions

The European Union has set itself the goal of eliminating CO2 emissions by 2050 and set an intermediate step for 2030 to reduce climate-altering emissions by at least 55% (with reference to the base value of 1990), of here a series of measures called “Fit for 55”.

Considering the reduction already achieved by Italy in recent years, the goal translates into a reduction in emissions to about 216 Mt/year of CO2 equivalent and, given the prevalence of emissions in transport, mobility plays a key role.

The dictionary of pollutants in cities:

  • SO2: sulfur dioxide
  • NOx: nitrogen oxides
  • NH3: ammonia
  • NMVOC: non-metallic volatile organic compounds
  • 5: particulate matter

For each compound, a reduction target was assigned to reduce premature deaths caused by pollution.

Standards Regulations

The regulations on the Standards of combustion vehicles are becoming increasingly stringent for manufacturers and average limit levels of CO2 / km emissions are defined which are gradually reduced from year to year.

As regards the use of renewable energy in transport, a contribution of at least 14% was expected by 2030, but which is expected to increase up to 30%.