Plan for green energy in Czech Republic

The renewable energy sector arouses greater interest inside of the plan for green energy in the Czech Republic. This set the line guides that will guarantee to this country to reach the aims established by the European Commission for 2030.

A plan of 10500 GWh of renewable energy sources  per year

In particular, as regards to the renewable energy sector, the growth of the use of this type of sources in the final gross consumption of energy is relevant in a lot of type of technology.  As shown in the graph, in the following years, the Czech Republic will invest a lot of resources to improve his situation of satisfaction of energy needs. The three sectors that show the most evident improvements in the electricity market are wind energy,  non-household biomass and solar energy.

In particular, the case of the solar PV, shows a situation in which the growth of the sector, over the years, takes on a logarithmic trend. Until 2024 in fact, the increase of installed MW compared to the previous year is not very evident, while from 2025 to 2030 the improvement is more accentuated.

Could solar panels be a solution to the electricity market?

The Czech Republic, following the objectives it has set itself, has planned to introduced some measures to allow the achievement of the targets set for 2030, which should lead, for example, the solar energy sector to have a greater impact on the electricity market.  About this, some of them are:

  • Modification of the current form of support for small sources (1 MW). In this case, no economic support will be introduced in the form of reimbursement, but only in the form of a “green time bonus”.
  • A form of support, which will be applied to new electricity production plants, will be related to a green hour bonus, divided into types of electricity generation, which will compete with the help inside the auction. For sources up to 1 MW, support will be provided in the form of an annual bonus. For sources above 1 MW, the aid will be auctioned in the form of an “auction bonus”. The support period will be maintained for the entire life of the plant (20 or 30 years).
  • The introduction of tenders (auctions) for sources over 1 MW.
  • Exemption from electricity tax on renewable electricity

The impact of RES on the Czech Republic

All of these measures that this country has planned, with the introduction of his plan for green energy, will allow the growth of the use of renewable energy sources in the energy market.  About this, in 2020, the quote of RES in the Czech Republic will be near 13% respect to the final gross consumption of energy. In addition, by 2030, the value will grow to 20.8%.