New VP Solar wiring catalog list: protections, cables, interfaces, connectors

VP Solar has published the new catalog price list on cabling systems, protections, cables, interfaces, connectors.

The price list offers an expanded range of solutions for cabling, connection and protection of photovoltaic systems including:

  • Field switchboards with multiple inputs and output configurations, to offer the best solution in the various types of application
  • Interface protection relay
  • Solar cables of different section, length and colour, of high quality and competitiveness
  • Different sizes’ connectors for different wiring
  • Overvoltage protection

Wiring accessories are often included in the pre-configured system kit solutions that VP Solar offers to facilitate installers and sales companies, based on twenty years of market experience.

Kit and preconfigured systems

In addition to all the components necessary for the professional installation of a photovoltaic system such as modules, inverters, optimizers, field panels and cables, protections and mounting systems, kit systems can also include other technologies and systems such as :

  • Batteries and storage and energy storage solutions
  • Air conditioners and heat pump water heaters
  • Charging systems for electric cars

Resale companies can request the best offer by contacting the VP Solar sales office: [email protected]