New VP Solar catalog price list for Stand Alone systems

VP Solar has renewed for all its professional customers, resellers and installers, the STAND ALONE LIGHTING price list, which can be downloaded from its private area.

The stand-alone systems (off-grid) are systems not connected to the distribution network: all the energy produced is stored in the batteries and used on-site by the various users.

To correctly design your stand-alone photovoltaic system, you need to make a precise analysis of the variables entering the system, such as the average irradiation, the equivalent hours of light, the orientation, the inclination and the shading. Also, it is necessary to take into account the system’s output variables, such as the collection of loads from users, the time of use and autonomy.

What does VP Solar offer to every professional in the sector?

The new stand-alone 2020 inverter proposed by VP Solar includes different types of products that allow you to configure a complete system for managing your energy. Solutions that adapt to every need, without sacrificing quality.

Stand Alone photovoltaic modules

A proposal for your stand-alone system concerns polycrystalline photovoltaic modules of 10, 50, 100 or 150 Wp. These products adapt to many needs: an example is the solar street lights, a camper or a cabin, where these panels present themselves as the perfect combination of quality and practicality of the solution.

Charge regulators

VpSolar offers in its price list the charge regulars of the Steca brand. The proposed series are divided into various series: Tarom, PR, Solsum, Solarix. These solutions may, in some cases, include the MPPT tracker.


The various solutions proposed concern the SMA brand, with the Sunny Island 4.4M-13, 6.0 H-13 and 8.0 H-13, and the Steca brand, which includes several devices with different input and output characteristics. 2 examples of series proposed are Solarix PLI and Solarix PI. Both include solutions suitable for 12, 24 and 48 V systems. Also, the PLI version has integrated an MPPT charge regulator.


The battery series for stand-alone systems proposed by VP Solar is the FIAMM brand, all with VRLA AGM technology.

We invite professional customers to contact the sales representative to see in detail the various products offered, including also the various accessories and lighting devices +39 0423 632720 – [email protected].