LG photovoltaic modules NeON H and NeON R series

The new series of photovoltaic panels LG NeON H and NeON R are available with even higher levels of efficiency and producibility.

The new series is equipped with M6 format cells with N-type doping even more powerful and reliable and guaranteed for 25 years, ideal for residential and commercial applications.

LG NeON H – 120 half-cut cells

Introduced with the NeON H series modules with 120 half-cut cells format M6 that reach temperature coefficients of 33% per degree Celsius (Temperature coefficient verified on the internal accelerated test data).

Furthermore, the double-sided structure of the N-type cells allows the light to be absorbed from both sides, consequently the panels are able to generate more energy and minimize power loss.

LG NeON R 60 cells

The new NeON R series with 60 cells type N M6 format with rear contact structure boasts a record temperature coefficient of – 29% per degree Celsius, the structure allows to guarantee maximum performance in any condition with power up to 405Wp which corresponds to 22.3% efficiency.

Both types of NeON H and NeON R modules are able to withstand difficult weather conditions while maintaining excellent res, even with low solar radiation, they are resistant to degradation by light (LID).

Certified and Guaranteed

LG is the first global manufacturer to manage solar testing facilities in-house consisting of 2 international inspection and certification bodies UL and TÜV Rhein-land.

LG panels meet all standard testing criteria and are guaranteed 25 years on product and 25 years on yield with a final 25 year power level of up to 92.5% of original performance.