LG NeON R no compromise on efficiency and aesthetics

LG NeON R xxxQ1C-A5 is the new, powerful module that expresses the highest performance in every situation.

NeON R: high efficiency and power

Power classes range from 350 to 365 Wp on a 60-cell 6-inch module with efficiency up to 21%.

The new cell has been further improved with respect to previous generations, after the innovative CELLO technology that introduced the 12 bus bars with the LG NeON® R xxxQ1C-A5 series, the bus bars disappear completely leaving all the front of the cell free to capture the Sun.

This new structure without front electrodes is pleasantly aesthetic but also guarantees durability, performance and reliability.

All this makes it a particularly suitable module for residential installations with roofs visible from the ground.

The reinforced frame guarantees long life thanks to the 6,000 Pa snow load and the 5,400 Pascal wind load.

The LG NeON® R xxxQ1C-A5 module also eliminates light-induced degradation (LID) since installation.

Unlike standard P-type modules, the LG Neon® R xxxQ1C-A5 is built with N type wafer, which prevents the LID effect, while maintaining high energy performance over a long period of time.

On hot days when the sun is very intense, the improved temperature coefficient keeps the output power high.

Reduced space used on roofs

Given the high efficiency of these modules, the space used on the roof is drastically reduced compared to standard polycrystalline modules, which makes planning simpler, avoiding the risk of shadows due to fireplaces and trees that are often found close to photovoltaic modules.

The smaller number of modules with the same output power also reduces the weight over the roof, also this is an advantage for the entire home system.

LG also offers the “True Black” version where, thanks to the cells without the bus bar, the completely black frame and black tedlar have a completely uniform and modern aesthetic, adding value to the property.

Extended guarantee

The LG test labs are TUV certified and I submit the modules to the toughest conditions, all of these tests are visible in this movie.

The guarantee is the top in the market, it is guaranteed 87% of the power in 25 years, but also 25 years on manufacturing defects.

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